Company Legal Counsel

The team members are composed of multiple senior lawyers who have been practicing for 10 years and 20 years, respectively, and have highly professional and  practice experience in many fields.



Company Legal Counsel:

Many companies or organizations in Taiwan do not have the habit of hiring perennial legal consultants with prepaid fees, or have the mentality that prepaid fees are wasted if they are not used, or have not really encountered legal disputes and do not understand the price they need to pay.

However, based on years of professional experience, the firm knows that preventing disputes before they happen is better than having to spend a lot of costs and expenses to resolve disputes afterwards; and even if disputes occur carelessly, it is very important to discuss possible risks and conduct risk control immediately in the early stage. .

Therefore, the firm strongly recommends that for the company’s daily operations involving commercial or operational strategies, subordinates should be subordinated in advance, and an outstanding professional lawyer should be actively hired as legal counsel to provide advice to the company or organization, draft various contracts, and handle labor disputes, etc. .

The way of appointment can be based on the size of the company or organization and the cumbersome affairs, etc., discuss with the lawyers about the planning of appropriate consulting services and fees, and sign the annual legal consultant contract to build a good physique for the company or organization.