Business Event

The team members are composed of multiple senior lawyers who have been practicing for 10 years and 20 years, respectively, and have highly professional and  practice experience in many fields.


Business Events:

Assist in the formulation of articles of association, regulations, shareholder contracts and investment contracts, etc.
Assist in convening shareholder meetings and board of directors.
Compose various contracts or documents, including purchase contracts, distribution contracts, authorization contracts, agent contracts, etc. To
Assist in handling matters related to the protection of the rights and interests of company directors and shareholders, fighting for operating rights, and company takeover, including disciplinary claims and litigation.
Handle business merger, division, reorganization, liquidation, bankruptcy and other matters.
Assist the company with professional legal services such as reinvestment, joining of affiliated companies, various cooperation, and joint venture plans.
Legal opinions on stock listing, OTC listing, capital increase, and corporate bond issuance.