Investment for HK and Macau Residents

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Investment for HK and Macau Residents :

In recent years, Hong Kong and Macao residents' investment in Taiwan has increased. The reasons are that Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are similar in geography, living habits, language, language, and Taiwan’s leisurely pace of life. The following is the legal basis for Hong Kong and Macao residents to invest in Taiwan. , Relevant suggestions for investment targets, etc., to provide Hong Kong and Macao residents as a reference for investment in Taiwan.

1. Legal basis
According to the regulations of the Republic of China "Hong Kong and Macao Residents Entering the Taiwan Area and Residence and Permitting Measures", those who have an investment of NT$6 million or more in the Taiwan area and have passed the examination and approval of the central competent authority for the purpose of business may apply for residence in the Taiwan area , Apply to the Immigration Department for residence. The number of Taiwanese employees is expected to be hired. If investing in a new business, maintain at least 2 or more a year; if investing in an existing business in China, the number of employees will be increased by at least 2 more than the number of employees before the investment. Apply for permanent residence There are separate rules and procedures for application.
2. Investment target
There are many investment opportunities in Taiwan. It is recommended that Hong Kong and Macao residents who invest in Taiwan can listen to more, read more and compare. Don't believe that the investment will definitely make a profit. For example, Taiwan’s current "Urban Dangerous and Old Buildings Accelerated Reconstruction Ordinance", referred to as the Dangerous Old Buildings Ordinance, participates in related investments and can enjoy the value-added rewards of new buildings after reconstruction. In addition, the Taiwan government has encouraged the installation of small solar power plants in recent years, and the electricity generated can be sold back to the Taiwan Power Company for a fixed annual remuneration, which is a good investment target.

The choice of investment targets must take into account their own tolerance for investment risks to choose different investment targets. It is recommended that Hong Kong and Macao residents who come to Taiwan to invest in Taiwan should choose carefully, and there must be a regular review mechanism for investment targets in order to have a grasp of the investment targets. Do not hold the mentality of fake investment and real immigration.

Mr. CC Tseng, the founder of the firm's strategic partner, Creating Resources Capital Management Company, has more than 20 years of experience in Taiwanese industry operations and can provide the most appropriate investment advice for Hong Kong and Macao residents to invest in Taiwan. Really come to Taiwan to invest and integrate into Taiwan's local business environment.